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Seamlessly facilitating B2B services/goods/timebank through a brokered barter exchange via blockchain or distributed ledger technology network. We set up your Algorand PYRAbarter wallet through a supplied mnemonic phrase. Download the APP and select "Import Phrase," then enter your supplied 25-word mnemonic phrase from Please allow up to three business days for your account to be minted. The PYRA tokens that you ordered, and enough ALGO to do a minimum of 100 transactions, will already be in your wallet! All you have to do is B2B barter using the PYRA tokens within the barter network. Email your barter receipts and calculate transactions with the PYRAbarter APP. We take care of all the paperwork. Each PYRA on the Algorand blockchain network has a "cost basis" or Barter Credit (BTC) of 5000. A BTC is equal to $1 USD for math and tax calculations. We bill annually at 2% of your total transactions (sent PYRA) in USD, along with your 1099B. Your tokens are completely safe with backup seed phrases for your account with PYRAbarter. There is a clawback function for our ASA (Algorand Standard Asset) in case of bad actors, lost access to wallets/passwords, or mistakes in transactions. Any PYRA tokens found outside of our network of wallets will be clawed back and become the property of, so be sure your partners are members of the site/network before any agreements are finalized. Use the same wallet on a desktop, mobile, or both!

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