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PYRAbarter is a platform that allows businesses to exchange goods and services using PYRA tokens on the Algorand blockchain network. To get started, users must download the app and create an Algorand wallet using a 25-word mnemonic phrase provided by PYRAbarter. After the account is created, users can use PYRA tokens to barter with other businesses on the platform. PYRA tokens have a cost basis or Barter Credit of 5000, which is equivalent to $1 USD for tax and math purposes. PYRAbarter charges a 2% fee on total transactions and provides a 1099B for tax purposes. Your tokens are safe with backup seed phrases and a clawback function is in place to protect against bad actors, lost access, or mistakes. Any PYRA tokens found outside of the PYRAbarter network will be clawed back and become the property of the platform.

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